library day in the life project – day 1

I haven’t posted in ages so I thought I’d participate in this year’s Library Day in the Life Project, which started yesterday.

So, some background: I’m the Library Data Coordinator at a large academic library. This is  a new position that was created during our reorganization last year.  I’m consolidating reporting activities, creating a master query database & associated documentation, running the annual statistics, providing requested acquisitions, circulation, & accreditation reports, and completing external surveys such as the ACRL Academic Library Statistics.

Day 1

Read & responded to email, ignored the ones filtered into my ‘listserv’ folder, and did a scan of RSS feeds. Noticed it was #libday7 in tweets. Hm…

Reviewed queries for ebook numbers. Trying to determine why we have 2 different ones, one of which involves a make table. Results are ‘close enough’ for both, so I choose the one without the make table. Next problem: a new location for scanned theses and dissertations was created in FY11 so I should be capturing those ebooks as ‘new’. They don’t show up in the results set. Why: the query is looking for a bib record create date that falls between 7/1/2010 and 7/1/2011. The new holdings location for each item was added to an existing print bib record. Guess what? Those bibs were created between 1995 and 2006.  I need a separate query – using the holdings create date – to find & add those items. Made appropriate notes on the working copy of my spreadsheet after running the numbers.

Speaking of documentation… I’m creating a Reports Master database and associated documentation as part of my job this year. Queries are being renamed and moved into the new database as I run the annual stats so the average librarian can easily identify how a report might be used. Instead of *SR C5-9 Graphic Volume COUNT- 1 MakeCOUNTTable, it’s now STAT – volumes – graphics. I have two different spreadsheets where I note old name/new name. The working copy spreadsheet has the actual query results for a number of fiscal years. The query master spreadsheet may or may not disappear after the new Access database is populated, but for the moment, it’s a place where I include the search results set and any notes about the results set that might be useful in the future. So, yes, I am duplicating some information and the accompanying narrative will also include this data.

While working on the stats and documentation, I had a 10am-noon shift on IM reference. It’s been very slow this summer on both my shifts so I was delighted to have a few questions.

Began transferring stats from the working copy to our public face.

End of day: added tasks to Tuesday’s calendar.


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