libday7: day 2

Day 2

7:00am There’s that #libday7 tweet again. Hm… okay, posted a blurb about the project on NASIG’s Facebook. Let’s see who bites. Went back a day and tweeted a couple of my day 1 activities.

Email, rss, calendar check. Revisit Day 1 and note activities.

8:05am Logged into VPN, opened Access and my working copy of the summary stats. Analyzed the total volume count again because the numbers look fishy. Reviewed the counts for non-print queries. Want to take a look at the cartographic numbers before signing off on that count as well as total volumes. (Yes, I know NOT to include the non-print nos. in total volumes.)

9:30 COFFEE; stopped by to sign good-bye card for Rachel C; dropped off ballot for chair & secretary of committee on academic tenure & discussed the need for a separate ballot for the committee on promotion to professor

9:50 back to the cartographic query

10:10 email to head of ILS re ILL statistics

10:20 email to ECC webspinner

10:30 write and post a day 1 update to the blog, add a note to Google+

11:30 lunch

12:50 review draft of blog post & post

1:00 Primo training/overview, interrupted at 1:30 by a fire alarm.  Staff went back inside around 1:50 to check for water leaks. I went back to the Primo session and they were doing a demo of searching, using facets, etc., which I’ve seen more times than I can count, so I’m skipping the rest of the session.

2:00 Scanned email & social networks. Then back to circ. Ran a couple of different circ transactions reports and got some crazy results from one report that I know are way off the mark. From another report I discovered that we circulate a lot of laptops & study room keys…  We used VRS to get circulation counts last year. I imagine we included the laptops & keys in what we reported. Sigh.  Will contemplate the best approach to gathering this data tomorrow…

3:30 Took another look at fiscal year totals for e-video and e-audio. Created new queries for each format to test against a slightly different one that I ran last week.  The numbers look the same – amazing! The new queries make these more straightforward. Will talk to the metadata librarians just to ensure I’m not missing something.

4:10 Final email check. Finish this post. Time to close down for the night. Off to see Harry Potter!


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