libday7: day 3

I began the morning by posting my day 2 activities, added my name on the Round 7 wiki, checked email and the day’s calendar. No appointments! YAY! More Access queries. YAY?
My head was spinning by noon. I had 3 circ transactions queries – I’m not a circ guru, but I’ve learned very quickly that including (or excluding) the location ID for some holdings locations is critical to retrieve acceptable results. Otherwise I’d be reporting out the number of times study room keys or laptops circulated during the year. While those are nice to know, I don’t believe ACRL wants them included when noting initial circulations or renewals for the Academic Library Statistics…

I managed to get a little bit of writing done during the lunch hour. More about that in a separate post.

After lunch: checked email again, added a couple of notes to my query master spreadsheet, then started some reading in preparation for tomorrow’s meeting of the Professional Development Committee.

2:40 You guessed it. Back to circ queries – it’s renewal time!

2:50 Deja vu – another fire alarm. This is getting old…

3:25 Back in the building and back to the queries. I *think* I’ve discovered why I was getting ridiculous results for one of my circ transactions queries – I got the number of items attached rather than what items circulated – but I’ve managed to hang up Access. (I could’ve sworn my query only asked for 1 month’s worth of data.) CTRL-ALT-DELETE. Starting all over again…

4:30 Headed out but stopping by the UCS department head’s office to talk about Microforms for a moment.


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