not libday7…

I should be staring at the pages of my novel, I mean writing, adding words to paper/screen, but instead I am procrastinating. Okay, I’m actually mulling over the action and dialogue for chapter 21. I managed to write a couple hundred words over the lunch hour today. I don’t know if other writers work this way but there are times I just experiment with dialogue. I know what is supposed to happen in a given scene; I know how it is supposed to end. It’s the getting there that might consume my thoughts for a few days and may include trying different approaches.

So the o-fic stands at 73,710 words at the moment. Getting very close to the big climax and beginning to wonder if I’ll actually hit 90,000 words. I have 3 major ‘events’ and at least 1 minor one to cover, perhaps 5-6 more chapters total.

In other news…

The Heat. We are all getting tired of the heat. It was 110 degrees today. We’ve had maybe 2 days in the last 20 where the temp ONLY reached 98. Oh wow… I hear thunder!!

Google+. I’ve been playing with G+ for about 10 days. I downloaded Chrome, added Facebook & Twitter feeds, added circles. I like it. More of my colleagues need to be using it! I think it has some real possibilities for collaborative work, for example setting up circles to track conversations of committees. Brainstorming. Even my writing group has set up a circle to share interesting articles (thank you, Marie!) and to meet virtually in a hangout rather than use Skype.

Kids.  Everyone is well. Joel went to Portland to see Florida friends who just moved there. Can’t wait to hear his impression of that city. Jenny is moving to a bigger, loft apartment in downtown KC. She’s enjoying city life and I can’t say I blame her. (I’m a bit jealous, too!) And Jeff is now working at Chilis! YAY!!


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