libday7: day 4

Day 4
7:00 Read email and responded to a NASIG ECC conversation from home while eating breakfast.7:26 Time to dry my hair, get my shoes on, and head to the office!At the office: reviewing the recommendations from a Libraries and IT Help Desk Task Force Report. Users are confused. Both desks are in the library but in different locations. Both include “help desk” as part of their names. The Library Help Desk is the most obvious – straight ahead as you walk into the building. The user walks up to desk and needs IT help. We send them down the hall and around the corner to the IT Help Desk. (It’s not part of library organizationally.)

One Help Desk to Rule Them All!

I had to take a second look at our reference transactions numbers after my conversation with the Head of UCS late yesterday. I could not remember if I ran them for just the main library or all library locations. Whew! Fortunately, it was for all.
I’m on the Professional Development Committee this year. We conduct a tenure workshop in the fall, assign mentors/mentees, and determine other programming for the year. We had a productive meeting, discussed the articles we’d read and whether to incorporate any ideas from them into the fall workshop, and set out our assignments. If you’re interested in the articles, I have citations for you:
1. Looking Like Everyone Else: Academic Portfolios for Librarians. By: vanDuinkerken, Wyoma; Coker, Catherine; Anderson, Margaret. Journal of Academic Librarianship, Mar2010, Vol. 36 Issue 2, p166-172, 7p
2. Service to the Profession: Definitions, Scope, and Value. By: Benefiel, Candace R.; Miller, Jeannie P.; Mosley, Pixie Anne; Arant-Kaspar, Wendi. Reference Librarian, 2001, Vol. 35 Issue 73, p362, 12p

3. Assessing Library Scholarship: Experience at a Land Grant University. By: Wirth, Andrea A.; Kelly, Maureen; Webster, Janet. College & Research Libraries, Nov2010, Vol. 71 Issue 6, p510-524, 15p
4. Starting the Write Way: Comparing Two Library Scholarly Development Programs. By: Exner, Nina; Houk, Amy Harris. Library Leadership & Management, 2010, Vol. 24 Issue 4, p178-182, 5p

After lunch I attended a “Marketing Primo” webinar. I must admit that I did not learn much of anything new in that hour. Much of what was said is common sense, things we’ve long had established for marketing new products and services to our users. However, I’m sure some attendees found some nuggets of information in there.

We had a going-away bash for Rachel at 3pm. 😦  We will miss her.

I didn’t have much time to get back to my query investigations today. My conversation about microforms with the UCS dept. head late yesterday confirms some suspicions I had about my circ stats. I’ll rerun some of those numbers tomorrow. I updated some of the narrative documentation I am creating.

ACRL sent an email indicating that 2010 statistics were available. I logged into our ACRLmetrics product and took a quick peek. Ran a comparison with our peers. Only 2 of 5 institutions had complete data. Created one report; looking at our comparison with the (formerly) Big 12 schools. Need to do some clean-up on the filtering and run those numbers. Hopefully I can share those reports with our Strategic Leadership Council (SLC) tomorrow!


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