libday7: day 5

Day 5
I worked from home this morning. Read email and signed in for my IM Ref shift. The summer 8am-9am shift is usually quiet so I use the time for some professional reading when I can and play catch up with the rss feeds I follow.Got into the office and discovered I left my office keys at home. Thank you Tara C for unlocking the door for me.

Back to the numbers running for microforms and circulation stats.

Ate lunch at my desk and read posts & email from virtual friends. Ran some more queries for circ stats after lunch and saved the results sets. I have questions for circ staff and metadata librarians who have run other circ queries previously. This one may sit on the back burner for a month or so because of everyone’s schedules. August is going to be an insane month.

I struggled to stay awake after lunch. It’s far too quiet in the office – all my colleagues are at a workshop! I decided I would play with ACRLMetrics. I need more experience with the product, setting up filters and creating different reports, so it seemed like a good idea to give it a whirl. I managed to create ‘templates’ for what I call overall numbers, total expenditures per student, and total expenditures per faculty member. I finally got the filters set up correctly – I wonder if anyone else found the filter creation a bit frustrating. I’d add institutions, apply the filter to the report, and then discover the filter missed one or two. But after repeated attempts I got them to work. Now I can apply either a peer institution filter or a ‘benchmarking’ institution filter (as defined in the university’s 2025 strategic plan). Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of data for 2010 is missing for these groups.

I got some exciting news today. Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about it…yet. 🙂

Okay… I think I’ll post this on my blog and wrap up Library Day in the Life.


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