what I did on my summer vacation

Goodbye 100+ degree days of the Little Apple. No heatwave in the Big Apple, but 85% humidity is not fun when surrounded by tall buildings and concrete…

Despite melting every time we walked out of 1871 House, our B&B on East 62nd St., the 4 days friend Sarah and I spent in New York City were grand. We got drenched – in rain, not sweat –  on Wednesday night walking the 4 blocks from the Park Avenue Armory back to the B&B.

Park Ave. ArmoryPlans for this trip started last summer when I attempted to round up a crew of virtual and ‘real’ friends to see 1 show performed by the ensemble of the Royal Shakespeare Company from Stratford-upon-Avon during their 5 week tour in NYC. (I’d seen performances of this same ensemble across the pond in both 2009 & 2010.) The initial 8 folks who expressed interest rapidly dwindled down to 2 due to real life, jobs, and lack of $$.

One show (Romeo & Juliet) turned into 2 (How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying), turned into 3 (Julius Caesar) – a Wednesday matinee and evening performances on Wednesday & Thursday. Museums, shopping, & dining were to fill the rest of our time.  (Note: Le Pain Quotidien had a superb Tuscan platter with basil pesto, black olive spread, ricotta, and more…)

We strolled all around the Upper East Side neighborhood near the B&B and stopped in at the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum before lunch at Serendipity3 on Thursday. Cousin Sue had planned to meet us for lunch at Eataly (a Mario Batali restaurant/market) on 23rd & 5th Ave. but texted late Wednesday that she had early ‘meetings’ with London and an evening ‘meeting’ with Hong Kong and India. (Sounds cool, doesn’t it, except when it means you don’t work 8-5.)

No trip to NYC is complete without an adventure on the subway, right? The swipe machines ate $$ on our Metro cards 2 or 3 times; we traveled in the wrong direction at least once. Undaunted, we rode the subway numerous times, including up to East 86th Street to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Friday. Lines to get in stretched in 2 directions and wrapped around one side of the building. Hot & tired, we quickly came to the conclusion that spending an hour or more in line in the heat then being crammed inside the museum with thousands of other people was not our idea of fun. It made perfect sense to pop into the Williams Sonoma store across from the museum. I bought a stormtrooper spatula and a lunch box tin with ship (Falcon & TIE fighter) sandwich cutters (yes, Star Wars). 🙂

After a short stroll through Central Park, we hopped a bus back to the B&B and decided we were up for another play. Tickets for our first 2 choices were unavailable. We were thrilled to get seats in the balcony for Jersey Boys. What a great way to end our last evening in the city.

Next…escaping from the city.


2 thoughts on “what I did on my summer vacation

    • It truly is a remarkable experience, especially when they recreated the thrust stage they use in SUA right in NYC. I will miss the actors of this ensemble but looking forward to seeing the new group perform soon!

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