escape from New York

part 2 of what I did on my summer vacation…

Saturday morning. Being the seasoned (ha!) travelers that we are, Sarah & I knew the warnings about unlicensed cabs, taxis driving the unsuspecting tourist the long-way ‘round, or worse, dumping your cold… oh nevermind.

Our hostess at the B&B called a cab for us. We’d left enough sweat in NYC to fill several gallon drums and didn’t feel like lugging our luggage through the subways to get to Penn Station. Waiting outside, we noticed a barricade at 62nd & Park. No cab would be coming that way. A man walked up to us from Lexington. “Did you call for a cab? I can’t come down this way.” He pointed toward a black limo at the corner. Our radar went up: the vehicle was unmarked except for a small sticker on one window. We followed him reluctantly, and confirmed he had my name and knew where we wanted to go before we boarded.Traffic seemed heavy for a Saturday morning, even for NYC. We realized that every side street between Lexington and Park was blocked. So, there went 35th…33rd… where we would have turned to get over to Penn Station, which is on 34th. Great. There was a race – bike, pedestrian, whatever – over on Park Ave. We couldn’t make that right turn until we hit 23rd St. It’s good we decided to leave a bit early.

All aboard the 12:15 train to Dover, NJ. Time to see the relatives!

sue & billy's house Cousin Sue picked us up around 2pm and gave us the low-down for the weekend activities. Aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends were descending on Sue’s lovely 170 year old home in Stanhope. Bless her & husband B. for putting up with us all. On Sunday I saw another aunt and more cousins whom I hadn’t seen in at least 30 years. I met children of cousins ranging from 1 month to 23 years, and practically drooled over the kitchen/family room renovation in cousin C.’s home. (I don’t necessarily love to cook, but gimme that kitchen!!)

Sue’s house quieted down on Monday and then…we went SHOPPING! We had lunch at Bobby’s (as in Flay) Burger Place, went to Trader Joe’s, IKEA, and a store called Century 21, where I could spend a fortune.  Actually, I could spend a fortune in all 3 of those stores!

The visit with Sue was fabulous. Commiserating over life, children, relatives, taxes, travel, retirement, and our bodies falling apart was a hoot. Good food – Sue is a great cook – good wine, great company. I am ready to go back.

The story ends on Tuesday at Newark International Airport where Sarah’s flight was cancelled and mine delayed twice and gate changed 3 times. My plane was boarding 2 gates away when I realized I was sitting at the gate for a different flight to Kansas City. Sarah took the long way back to Omaha via Houston. Oh the joys of air travel…


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