The gate wouldn’t open for the guy in front of me on the turnpike. He and the attendant had a lovely conversation so I sat. And waited. They talked some more. He finally drive off. Then she tells me my tag was fine and I could have gone around him. Thank you.

Self check at the airport could not find my itinerary. I got in line behind a half dozen people. And waited. Looked at the board. Two different flights to NY were cancelled. (I’m headed thru Boston. Whew.) We waited. Four delta staff were trying to rebook the cancelled flight for people already at the counter. I heard 3 folks in my line mention they were also on the NY flights. We wait some more.

40 minutes later I’m checking in. But wait. I’m booked on 2 different flights. One via Atlanta. One via Boston. How fascinating.

I am in the boarding area now. Fingers crossed.


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