August in England

Well here it is near mid-October and I’m posting about August. Forgive me, dear readers.

On previous journeys across the pond, I’d traveled in March, April, and May. This was my first summer experience. I can’t say I noticed more tourists – York and London are big vacation destinations any time of year, right? Perhaps if I’d gone to the seaside I would have had to brave the crowds. What I did notice was higher humidity. You see, humidity and I do not get along, and my lack of tolerance for it has gotten worse since I passed the half-century mark.

If you’ve followed my previous travelogue adventures, you’ll know I love rail travel. I do not ever plan to make my British hosts suffer my driving again. Once was enough.

I de-trained (is that a word?) in York about 5 hours after landing at Heathrow and going through customs, taking the underground to central London, and boarding  a north-bound train at King’s Cross. I still have not made the time to find platform 9 3/4s! My lodging that first evening was a short walk from the rail station. As I turned on Lendal street, I was greeted by extremely loud music. Live band on the patio. Huge party, perhaps celebrating the horse races in York that weekend. I realized this ‘party’ was at my hotel. Time for an ale!


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