toilet tales

No, my mind is not in the gutter so this post is G-rated.

Because I’ve raved about my UK travels in posts dating back to April of 2008 and my reader(s) would get bored hearing about York, London, and Stratford again, I thought I’d approach my August 2011 experience from a different angle. So, here we are discussing the loo.

Bathrooms in B&Bs remind me of days spent on vacation in the Georgia mountains in a mini-trailer. If you’ve ever camped in one, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The toilets in them are tight, tiny places. If you plop your bum down and bend at the waist, your head is in the shower or bouncing against the sink. The shower space might be 18 x 18. What fun!

The bathroom at the dorm/conference was actually roomier than most I’d frequented at B&Bs the last few years. But…the shower ‘stall’ was a small, corner space, separated from the toilet by a curtain that only fell to my knees, i.e., about the height of the toilet seat. There was no raised lip on the shower either, so water splattered over the toilet and most of the bathroom floor. And the cold shower curtain usually stuck to body parts… brrr…

My London hotel had a space about 24 inches wide by 6 feet long* – again, careful bending required to prevent head butting against sink. 🙂  My Stratford B&B had a lovely remodeled L-shaped space with a glass-enclosed shower, tiny but functional.

Architects, I salute you. It is amazing how you manage to make the best use of limited space. And I wouldn’t trade my experiences (or my memories of great vacations in the Georgia mountains) for all the tea in England.

*that’s about the size of my ‘master’ bathroom at home, except the sink is outside that space, so I am used to small spaces!


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