next time I’ll get the shirt…

I ♥ York. I almost wish I’d bought that t-shirt. Makes me chuckle thinking of the I love New York merchandise I saw in the Big Apple a couple of weeks before I went to England in August.But it is true. I do love York with its Roman walls, York Minster, and the Shambles (and Clifford’s Tower, Betty’s Cafe Tea Room, River Ouse, St. Mary’s Abbey ruins, and…you get the picture). This was my longest stay in the city – arriving late Saturday, departing the following Friday – but I was glad it was my 3rd visit because the conference consumed most of my days. Being the typical tourist wasn’t the highest item on my agenda.

However, that is the nice thing about conferences. Free time is built in and conference venues often highlight one local attraction for attendees. Our conference dinner was held at the National Railway Museum, one place I hadn’t visited on previous trips to York. The Hogwarts Express train was on display, along with dozens of others including Queen Victoria’s Saloon. The scale of the Museum is incredible if you can imagine that one room, the Great Hall, must have had at least 30 humongous locomotives. And that was just one of the rooms!

We had one free afternoon so I grabbed bus 44, which ran through campus, along with a very international group of librarians. First stop: a special tour arranged for us at York Minster Library. One of the 1611 versions of the King James Bible was on display, and amazingly, the viewing public can see, take pictures(!), touch, and turn the pages of this incredible work. Talk about history coming alive…


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