viva Shakespeare

The Merchant of Venice set in Las Vegas. Antonio sits at the gaming tables in a casino as the play opens. Bassanio (an Elvis impersonator) sings “Viva Las Vegas”, one of many Elvis tunes interspersed throughout this production. It seemed odd to hear Shakespeare with New York gangsta’ accents and southern belle drawls. Fabulous cast (including Patrick Stewart as Shylock), great sets, excellent staging. It works!

The newly renovated Royal Shakespeare Company is an incredible experience unto itself, incorporating elements of the old theatre into the new space. I highly recommend the theatre tour!

My long weekend in Stratford upon Avon included seeing friends the Clarks from Glasgow. There was no celebrity stalking autograph & picture seeking this time around. We went castle-bagging instead – one of my favorite pasttimes. We spent a fabulous day in the English countryside, visiting Goodrich Castle, and the ruins of Hailes Abbey. So many castles, so little time…


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