Aaron is over there comparing Conan to a muscle car; Marie is attempting to make sense of the e-publishing arena and spinning tales about monsters. I would like my thoughts to be as entertaining and coherent…

I’ve attempted to frame my August adventures in England in a different light after blogging extensively the last couple of years about previous trips across the pond. So this time around you read about–or at least I hope you read–dorms, toilet design, and a mini review of how Elvis ended up in The Merchant of Venice. I’m not sure I can out-do those earlier posts whilst finishing up with highlights of my last 2 days in England but here goes…

Cartwright Gardens. Georgian crescent street. Mary Poppins and Oliver come to mind. Reasonably-priced lodging in a great location–Russell Square, Bloomsbury, the British Museum–shopping, dining, pubs, and culture within a few minutes walk.

With only one day for sightseeing–the other a day trip to see colleagues at the University of Hertfordshire–the British Museum was my main stop this trip. Favorite galleries: ancient Greece and Rome and ancient Egypt. I could just tell you that I am in awe of old stones & marbles (harking back to a friend’s husband who teasingly said “it’s just a bunch of rocks” when I asked about the sights around I-15 and I-70 in Utah). But seeing the Rosetta Stone and pieces of the Parthenon is history come alive. Maybe one day I’ll even get to Athens.


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