the write space…

I read an interview with 2 writers about how they get into their “writing trance”. One is a morning writer; the other a mom who manages to squeeze in 5 pages a day. One of their responses resonated with me: “the temptation to check email during writing time”. [insert evil laugh here.] Oh, yes. Email. Or Facebook. Or Twitter. I seem to have those devils on my shoulder after I’ve worked a full day. Trying to get the creative juices flowing is tough after troubleshooting problems and staring at spreadsheets. I’ve mentioned it before – or was that just on Facebook – I appear to get more done in the mornings when I slip over to the coffee shop in Aggieville. Unfortunately, that’s only a weekend thing. Despite the buzz of conversation and the whir of the espresso machine, I find my “write space” and most times manage to quiet the urges to check those status updates.


One thought on “the write space…

  1. I just read about some software that will lock your computer away from the internet for up to 8 hours (you choose how long). I think it’s like a self-cleaning oven: once you start it, you can’t open it again. The software is called Freedom. I’ll be checking this out when I start writing the next one.

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