a late thought on Veteran’s Day

I joined the Navy when I was eighteen. It wasn’t a fashionable thing to do in the 1970s in the waning days of the Vietnam War. I was passionate about serving my country, proud to wear the uniform, and perhaps a bit naive about war and politics. (Or a lot naive but I won’t go into that.)

I spent almost 1/3 of my 6 year career in classrooms, the rest in a chilly, huge room filled with computers and people wearing headsets. (Go pick up a Tom Clancy novel and you can hazard a guess as to what a “communications technician” aka “voice language analyst” might do in an office that was open 24/7 365 days a year.) Frosted windows kept the bad guys from seeing inside.

I stayed safe thousands of miles from the action while my comrades put their lives on the line on ships, in the air, and on the ground. Bless you all. I am proud to be one of you.


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