is it done?

Well, no, of course not. My novel, that is.

But…is it okay to put “THE END” on the very last page of the last chapter of my first draft?

Holey moley, yes, I wrote the final chapter!

Tuesday night, I’d just finished the 2nd to last chapter when I had one of those Eureka! moments. I knew exactly how the final chapter would begin. Sitting in Radina’s at 5:45pm, I committed that opening to paper, er, computer. I wrote about 300 words and went home. At 10pm, I’m at it again…another 750. After work on Wednesday I was back at the coffee shop with latte in hand, which was quite comforting because it was darn chilly outside. Two hours later – it’s done!

So maybe it’s not THE END but I can still say WOW!  Now I can begin the chorus Revise, revise, revise.


3 thoughts on “is it done?

  1. I like both comments! But I liked Mark’s suggestion at writing group last night – we’ll break out the champagne when I actually read “THE END” to you all at writers group in just a few weeks!

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