the missing link…

My new job entails a good bit of troubleshooting – moreso, it seems after upgrades or server migrations. So it was no surprise when a rash of incidents cropped up over the last few weeks.

Good morning, Friday. Open email. New problem. (Don’t you enjoy starting your Friday with a problem? A clue? No.)  This one sounded like something we’d seen related to browser specific issues. Clicking a PDF file opened a blank screen. I tested the link – no problem using Firefox or Chrome on my PC. Then I remembered the editor uses a MAC. I prepped an email to my co-worker with a MAC but forgot to hit ‘send’.  Whilst waiting for the response to the email I had not sent, I busied myself with other tasks. Checked my mail. No response from the co-worker. Hm…  so I decided to test the link again. I clicked on the current issue. No link. It was gone. I logged in as a site admin and check again. You guessed it. The link was missing!

So what did I do? Coffee time!

Actually, first I spent about an hour looking through the submissions history related to the article. I took a sidetrip to my co-worker’s office. I mentioned the email – no wonder she gave me a funny look. She thought she remembered another case where a link had disappeared and the editor merely reloaded the file and published it.

I went back and reviewed the submissions history again just to ensure I hadn’t missed anything. I logged into the tech support forums and bugzilla to see if anyone else using the software had experienced a similar problem. Back to the admin client, reviewing the submissions history again. EUREKA! (Love those moments, don’t you?) Article found alive and well though not listed as part of the issue. A couple more clicks. Done. Article appears exactly where it is supposed to be. Issue resolved.


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