just when you thought it was safe…

Earlier this week I wrote about a Friday morning adventure in troubleshooting. Ha! Wouldn’t you know Monday was a repeat? A new problem, but another adventure nonetheless.

Do I make it sound like I don’t like this part of the job? I hope not. That is one of the cool things about it, about almost any aspect of librarianship. We like to solve mysteries! We love to help people find the answers to their research problems; love helping them determine how to cite an item; love to figure out how to get the technology to work!

When I worked in serials, the questions were a bit different than those I deal with now. Why haven’t we received volume X of journal A? Why can’t I access an item that we’ve licensed? How were these collection numbers calculated last fiscal year and why can’t I duplicate that process this year? Oh wait…I still have that problem!


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