the final chapters…

Aspiring writers note: get thee to a writing group. Writing in isolation is like singing in the shower. There is no one there to tell you that you’re tone deaf. Well, unless you take communal showers…uh…let’s not go there. You’re alone. In the shower. Or…alone at the keyboard.

My writers group will hear the climax of my novel this week. About 2 weeks ago, I mentioned that I was able to add THE END because I’d written the final words of my novel. (Dang that sounds so good!) But alas, they won’t actually get to hear THE END for several more weeks. I still have 4 chapters yet to take for critique. That itself is unusual for me because I’ve rarely been that far ahead! I can’t tell you how many times I showed up at group having just finished writing a particular scene or chapter!

So why is a writing group so important? For me it’s because I know they’ll find good things to say; I know they’ll point out a spot or five where I’ve missed the mark, could hold a moment longer, or should consider xyz. They bring another set of eyes (or ears), another perspective, and give me an opportunity to make my work better. Their feedback is invaluable.


3 thoughts on “the final chapters…

  1. Thank you, Char! Your perspective is invaluable as well and keeps us writing! We can’t wait until Thursday’s climax! Cathy and Mark

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