chapter 1 is calling my name…

…but I must resist! Just for a few more weeks. Let it stew, simmer. Wait until writers group hears the final 3 chapters. Their critiques might give me something else to consider before I trek down revision road.

I’ve probably lost a bit of sleep thinking about the revisions yet to come. There will be a number of them–mostly minor, story tightening elements, a bit more foreshadowing; and one semi-major. That one deals with a character who ends up taking a much larger role that I’d originally planned, so the first few chapters need to reflect that.

Then there’s the biggie: I am seriously considering removing one character entirely, folding parts of her storyline into the other four sisters in the book. Have I mentioned the main theme of my novel is the father-son relationship? Five sisters, father, son, not to mention friends, spouses. (Can you see where I’m going with this?) I’m sure I have broken a rule about having too many characters.

Confused looks from my writers group tells the story. Of course, I must remember they are at a disadvantage. They aren’t reading my novel cover-to-cover over the course of a week or two. When you hear chapters of a novel spread out over almost 3 years (agh!), it is hard to keep track. If the characters are well-defined this shouldn’t make a difference. So, should I drop dear sister Jo? If I think that wouldn’t be hard to manage, what does that tell me? Decisions, decisions.


2 thoughts on “chapter 1 is calling my name…

  1. Um, which one is Jo? 😉

    Definitely resist revising for a while, if you can. In fact, wait at least a couple of weeks after you read the final chapter to us. Months, if you can stand it. I was much better at editing mine this last time around than the first time I tried it.

    Meanwhile, write something else. A short story. Or a fast rough draft of the next book. Your story is timeless…it can wait.

    Just my two cents.

    • Months? MONTHS????? agh… I think I can handle about 4 weeks. And yes, I already have plans for the down time. I’m starting to plot out the early chapters for my historical fiction/time travel piece, and there is always my sci-fi story to get back to. I will have plenty to do!

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