it got quiet around here…

I’ve been sidetracked the last few weeks as I finished up the final edits on my novel and began thinking about web domains, the holidays, trips, weddings, copyediting, and work. My brain–and life-is going in a hundred different directions. All of them good, mind you. But I feel much less organized than in the ‘old’ days. Holiday decorations and Christmas cards would have been out Thanksgiving weekend back then. I just emailed my Christmas letter on Sunday. Stamps are purchased and the cards addressed to the dozen or so  folks who will not admit that they have email addresses. I discovered that my printer is out of ink, hence no printing yet. Will. Do. Today.

The big news I want to share is the decision to set up my fiction website. I’ve thought long and hard about it, about whether to use this blog as that home. But, did you realize that until very recently, my name wasn’t even associated with this blog? Sure, you could figure out who I was if you really wanted to, if you weren’t already a friend or family member who followed my occasional posts here. But no where on the blog until a month or two ago did I mention my name. There was no list of the stories I wrote, just mentions now and then about the novel I’ve been writing for almost 3 years. A couple of months ago I finally decided to add the bibliography, My Fiction. But now that I’ve set up a separate site, that page is a link to my fiction home. And my name(s) are now on the About Char page! (Yes, names.)

Join me at for my writing adventures. I’ll have posts here occasionally reminding you I’m also over there if you want to bear with me through the next steps toward publication of my novel. I’ll continue to post on this site about work and other news. I have to use my limited free time judiciously and, to be honest, one of the places I want to spend most of that time is in the realms of fiction. In this day and age, that includes a lot of networking with other writers through social media and bringing a personality to readers beyond that blurb on the back cover of a book.


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