reading [email], writing, vacations, & inspiration…

Remember this day. Well not today, but Saturday, January 21, 2012.  I began the revisions on my novel, willing myself to complete them in 3 months. Oh my…what have I gotten myself in to?

A lot of my colleagues just returned from ALA Midwinter in Dallas. Conference rooms, meetings, and networking! Oh my!

I went to Savannah. For a vacation. : )

It was the first week of classes, so the emails and new meetings appointments started to fly. This was one trip where I didn’t attempt to check email regularly, so I spent the first couple of days back at work wading through and prioritizing  hundreds of them.

chicken pot pie

I suppose one must suffer through this task after enjoying fried green tomatoes and chicken pot pie from Lady & Sons, and shrimp from Uncle Bubba’s.

And I can’t forget my friend’s wonderful cooking and Southern hospitality!

Nothing like walking on a beach in the middle of January and seeing the folks back home reporting  temperatures well below freezing and snow…

Nothing like sleeping in late and not having to leave the house ’til lunchtime.

On that note, my stomach is starting to growl. It’s writers group night, which I almost always begin by heading out for supper, finding a WIFI spot, and working on my writing. Tonight, I am hoping to share the revisions I’ve made to the opening of my novel. It’s only about 500 words, but it’s drastically different than my first draft. Can’t wait to get their critiques!

Oh…inspiration…check out the post on my fiction blog:


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