library day in the life, round 8

It’s time for the Library Day in the Life Project.

Background: I have 2 jobs: I’m the Library Data Coordinator and the Coordinator of Electronic Publishing, New Prairie Press (NPP), at a large academic library. The data coordinator position was created out of our reorganization in 2010.  I’m consolidating reporting activities, creating a master query database & associated documentation, running the annual statistics, providing requested acquisitions, circulation, & accreditation reports, and completing external surveys such as the ACRL Academic Library Statistics.

As the site admin for NPP, I manage the back end of our library’s open access publishing initiative. I work with the editors of the 8 journals (with 2 more in the works) that we host. I troubleshoot, manage our CrossRef activities, suggest and/or provide enhancements to the journals, create documentation, consult as needed, and will have new goals for 2012 including preparing an MOA for new journals we may host.

Day 1

Lucky me. I woke up 5:45am, 30 minutes before my alarm was set to go off. Sigh. I decided to get to the office early, so I arrived just before 7am with my coffee in hand.  Checked email, library rss feeds, tweets, and FB. Pushed a link from NASIG’s FB page to our LinkedIn group (one of my responsibilities as vice co-chair of NASIG’s Electronic Communications Committee (ECC)).

I also checked my calendar and task list to determine if anything needed to be pushed to a high priority. One email was a request for 2 Voyager reports, so that was added to the day’s to-do list. I prepped for my 8am IM Reference shift, which included reading through earlier shifts Q&As.

8-9 IM Ref.  The 8am shift is usually quiet. Usually. Which means trying to find work that I can do with the potential for interruptions. That usually means reading. I scanned some of my RSS feeds and pulled up my notes for my 9am meeting and answered 1 reference question. My IM relief was online 10 minutes early so I wasn’t late for the 9am gathering.

9-10:30ish Tenure/Reappointment meeting.  We reviewed 3 candidates who are in year 1 of the tenure process. I have to type up my ballots and turn those in by Wednesday afternoon.

Ran the 2 requested Voyager reports.

NASIG’s ECC manages the website, including announcements (What’s New on the home page), calendar updates, the NASIG  Blog & Facebook pages.  I am mainly in charge of webspinner activities but occasionally have listserv duty.

N&E co-chair emailed a document that needed to be replaced on the website. Finished that and gave a head’s up to our web folks about upcoming announcements concerning the election.  There was another email about a typo on one of the conferences pages. I forwarded that to the program and conference planning co-chairs who are working on those pages.

12:15-1:15 Lunchtime. Worked on my novel.

1:30-4 Worked on email to 2 NPP editors regarding the works-cited DOIs I’ll be adding to articles they’ve published. I’d used a query form provided by CrossRef to search for the DOIs last week, but wanted to get the most recent issues of both journals done before I actually added the DOIs. I was preparing the email to one editor when I discovered they’d published a new issue in the last few days. So I had to pull the references from the newly-published PDF to run against CrossRef – it’s a highly convoluted process that I’m hoping to place in the editors’ production workflow in the near future, rather than as an afterthought that as site admin I need to do.  Anyway…that done, I prepared and shipped out my emails to the editors. I’ll give them a couple of days before I edit the article metadata to add the references.

Speaking of NPP, our systems admin stopped by to discuss the upcoming OJS upgrade. We’re going from version 2.3.4 to 2.3.6 and hoping that downtime will be minimal and that nothing breaks.

Played with our Primo installation, which will be going live soon. Signed in and saved some articles & books to my ‘e-shelf.’ Emailed some citations to myself; exported a bunch to RefWorks (super-easy); set up an rss feed for one search I did (for my interest in the 3rd Crusade and related personalities).

Scooted out of the office shortly after 4pm and headed to Radina’s Coffeehouse to work on the novel. Making decent progress.


One thought on “library day in the life, round 8

  1. Oh my goodness! I need to go have another cup of coffee this morning – I’m exhausted from just READING about your day! Keep at that novel. I’m a’watchin’ . . . .

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