day in the life – day 2

Day 2

I’m in the office at 7:30, flipped one switch but not the other to get the computer booted. I stared at it for a minute before thinking I did it again…   It seems like it takes almost 10 minutes to get everything set for the day. Firefox takes forever to come up. (You know, if it’s longer than 10 seconds, that’s forever.)

Quick scan of email and the calendar.  Two priorities for the day (so far): 1) send an email to my NPP journals editors about the upcoming downtime; and 2) work on my comments for the ballot from yesterday’s tenure/reappointment meetings.  I volunteered to take a sick colleague’s IM Ref shift for the afternoon.

8am  Reviewed draft of the email to NPP editors that I forgot to mention I started yesterday.  It seems odd that as site admin I can’t click a button that will allow me to grab editors of all our journals and email them. (Maybe I’m missing something?) I can go to their individual journals and do this, but I don’t want to send 8 separate messages. I reviewed the user guide one more time just to ensure the option doesn’t exist. Nope, can’t do it. The message will get sent from my work email.

Of course, while I’m looking at the user guide, I spotted something else I plan to do. Scope creep could easily set in… Not today.  Investigating the COUNTER stats plugin (and Google Analytics) is on my 2012 goals list.

The daily campus ‘bulletin’ arrived via email so I scanned the headlines and decided to read the university president’s monthly letter. He discusses welcome changes to the hiring processes, including a lift of the hiring freeze and streamlined procedures. It will be interesting to see how these impact our own searches.

9:00 Worked on my comments for the reappointment ballots.

9:40 Ballots delivered. Stopped by my old departments, grabbed another cup of coffee. Back to the office. I realized I haven’t added my name to the library day in the life wiki, so I logged in there but can’t edit because others are working on it.

9:45-11:30 Worked on the outline and started jotting notes down for my NASIG paper/presentation. Shared outline with co-writer/presenter. I realized I will be picking other co-workers brains when I need to describe organizational changes.

11:30 Checked some RSS feeds, including a couple of friends doing #libday8 here, here, and here. Reading about Apple’s Textbook Strategy (which has also been a hot topic for indie fiction writers),

we christened this 'the David' because David L always orders it

11:45 Weekly lunch at CocoBolos. Stacked enchiladas today. Yum.

1:05 Responded to a ‘how many FTE’ question from Casey in Content Development. Showed him how to find that answer for himself on the Intranet.

NPP troubleshooting. Email exchange with one of our journal editors. A missing PDF from a current table of contents has re-appeared. Last week, I’d sent the editor the resolution I found when I routed through the PKP support forums. Apparently, clicking on the file in the galley did the trick. She didn’t have to delete and reload the file. Nice. I like endings like that.

Gave up trying to edit the LibDay8 wiki. Will try again another day.

Started reviewing the last couple of hours of LibStats to prepare for my 2-4pm shift on IM.

2-4pm IM Ref shift. Read a few blog posts. Worked on reference DOIs from one of our journals. I’ve finished all the current issues. I’ll start tackling the archival volumes another day.

I learned that LexisNexis Statistical DataSets is now called Proquest Statistical DataSets when I had to answer an IM about demographics. Duh. Explained how to do a boolean search with phrases in quotation marks in AGRICOLA for another student. Pretty quiet IM shift overall.

I used the quiet time to search the PKP support forums for information on the citation markup assistant. I’m experimented with it on our test journal, and it isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do. Hrmph! I’ll take a look at that again tomorrow.

4:20 Time to close up shop. My head hurts.


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