day 3 – library day in the life

You must be bored by now, right?  You can probably guess how my day started… email, calendar, rss. Unfortunately, it started earlier than I planned. Again. My internal alarm went off at 4:45 and I laid in bed, tossed and turned. Sleep did not find me. I crawled out of bed at 5:30 and padded into the kitchen to turn off the crock pot. Tonight’s dinner will be veggie soup.

6:50am At work. Computer on. Connected to the VPN so I could run several Voyager acquisitions reports.

I volunteered to take Lisa’s 9am IM Ref shift this morning. She had a conflict. We have a cool “Trades Bazaar” blog where requests for Help Desk & IM trades are posted. It saves inundating staff inboxes with email requests. We use email for last minute trades, so that isn’t too painful.

I started to feel zombie-like around 8:30 so I decided it was time to make a pot of coffee. Got logged into LibStats and the web chat login. Coffee brewed, poured. Aaahhhh….

I tackled a bit of light reading while waiting for a question or two: Elsevier boycott, thoughts on Google. I  did a quick look at CDC’s new Disability and Health Data System (via Research Buzz)–forwarded that to our data services librarian. Did you know the Congressional Record has an iPad app?

10am Email exchange with NASIG ECC members to explore setting up a test link for CPC’s conference registration page. Oh the power of the collective group think! Sent the test info link to CPC, then documented the process in our ECC manual.

Fielded a question from Content Development staff about a vendor who was arguing about our student FTE. They claimed it was higher than the number we provided, which is information I collect annually from the university Office of Planning & Analysis. I imagine they had enrollment figures rather than FTE but it still irks me.

1:00pm Back from lunch. Time to open the ACRL survey. I had to resend a message to 1 colleague who hasn’t sent me data I’ve requested two previous times. May have to call in the big guns. : )  Shot off another question to university Planning & Analysis about full- and part-time grads & undergrads. Had to close up before I had a chance to review new questions that have been added. I’ll save those for tomorrow if I have a chance to work on it.

3:00pm Reference training series – IM tips and best practices + JING.

4:10pm Headed to Radina’s to work on chapter 1 of the novel. Writers group tomorrow night will get to hear the opening unless Cathy is still sick.


3 thoughts on “day 3 – library day in the life

  1. I just had a thought. Why don’t you serve on every NASIG committee until they all have thoroughly documented manuals? 🙂

    I was co-chair of ECC when we revised it the first time per your orders, I think. But that was before the new website.

    • Ha! Don’t you even suggest that! I could be the overlord of the committee manuals! Special assistant to the president. Hm…

      Oh yes, the good old days – we never got to serve on the committee together, did we? Perhaps I can talk you into coming back. Fight with PPC over you. 🙂

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