day in the life – day 4

Here we go again. 6:40am. At my desk. I really didn’t want to wake up at 4:44. This is getting tiring…

Oh, and my heat conked out yesterday. Overnight, the indoor temp fell to 59. Fortunately, temperatures have been around 60 outside, but everything changes tonight. Winter returns and the highs will stay mostly in the 40s for the next 10 days. I definitely want my heat working!

But on to Library Day in the Life.  You get the quick round up today:

  • verified data sources for my content development colleague to back up the figures a vendor has requested
  • compared the ARL Stats collection subscription with ARL Statistics Interactive (which we have) – would we need both? Ran a couple of sample reports for the dean and assistant dean
  • coffee break with colleague Lisa. We both have daughters getting married this year so we’re comparing notes  : )
  • attended a meeting to discuss abstract & indexing options and resources for our open access journals; this is in preparation for a meeting with two specific editors next week but will serve as basis for all our journals
  • added the missing piece of data I received for our reporting data; did not need the big guns after all ; )
  • responded to a colleague about various library stats she needs for a class she is taking
  • read the charge for a User Experience Team that is seeking members from amongst the staff.  You know me & web stuff – love it! Will have to talk to the bosses about the time commitment
  • ate lunch at my desk and worked on this entry because I need to leave about 1ish – the heating guys will be at the house this afternoon. Ouch. I’m afraid to hear what they might uncover. Can you say $$$

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