library day in the life – day 5

All right! I looked at the clock at 6:44 this morning. Much better than the last few days.

By 8am I’m at my desk testing a few Voyager reports to see if they’ll provide decent information for my colleague’s class assignment. One looks decent; the other crashes. I’m using a 3rd party software to run the reports because it is straightforward and simple when the reports actually run. Unfortunately, the one that crashed has a lot of ifs, ands, and buts because it’s dealing with non-print materials and 40 years of interesting machine-readable cataloging.  Creating multiple Access reports in an attempt to  to get the needed data could be a futile process, and this would have to be low on my list since it’s not a work-related request. But, just to make sure I wasn’t off the mark I headed to the 5th floor to chat with one of the catalogers. My activities for the day:

  • consulted with the cataloging folks upstairs about locations and MARC coding on the records for the type of material I’m attempting to track down. Our conclusion: too many variables and too much time with potentially sketchy results
  • investigated  journal selection criteria for A&I databases based on my to-do list from yesterday’s meeting; created a spreadsheet in google docs that our staff can share
  • reviewed a tenure/reappointment portfolio to offer comments on content and format for one of our year-4 faculty members who needs to submit it for review soon
  • worked on my UPP (unclassified performance plan, aka goals) for 2012, which must be submitted by the end of the month
  • IM Ref from 2-4pm

And so ends another week of Library Day in the Life Project.


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