reading round-up…

Got reading? A sample of my readings in the blogosphere this week…

Social Networking Experiment at Ohio State – campus admins say let students manage the marketing to other students. –via the Chronicle (not sure if  this requires a subscription)

* on the Elsevier boycott here and here –via Scholarly Kitchen

* cool Library Data on tumblr –via @librarydata

* Joe Murphy’s presentation topics at CIL2012. I’m not into Pinterest (who has time?!?!?!?!) but I’d love to see Joe’s talk on it. Hopefully he’ll post some slides 🙂

And on the fiction writing front:

* why writing in isolation is like singing in the shower –by me, on the benefits of critique groups on a new blog I’ll be contributing to now & then. Join us over at Pen in Hand!

* on my personal blog I talk about being stuck in the middle (but you already knew that because you’re following me over there, right?)

* and some disheartening information about Goodreads and mean author tactics — via Wringing Out Words


2 thoughts on “reading round-up…

  1. Char, I think the only people who get upset about the mean author tactics the writer describes are authors. As a reader, I use Goodreads to keep track of and share what I’m reading, as well as the things I want to read. I rarely interact with other readers, except to see what my friends are reading, and I learned a long time ago to take reviews with a grain of salt.

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