history comes alive

Spotted this article via Research Buzz: Confederate letters: we had apirty lively Christmas. Two researchers hope to set up a database with letters they are transcribing. What a great resource this will be – primary source material from the soldiers on the front lines or from their loved ones.

I’ve also been following wonderful, insightful tweets from @CivilianWartime, which tweets “in the words of those who lived it”.

In other history news, did you hear that the National Archives will have one of the 1297 Magna Cartas on display? There are only 4 remaining of the 1297 version. I’ve seen the 1215 version at the British Library but would definitely check out the 1297 next time I have an opportunity to visit Washington.


2 thoughts on “history comes alive

  1. Ooooh I love manuscripts! I have a diary that my grandmother (from Asheville, NC) wrote beginning in 1916, the two years she worked as a servant in a home in NYC while in her teens.
    UNC at Chapel Hill has a large digital database of Civil War era transcribed letters from soldiers and dairies and letters of those at home. Fascinating reads!
    Please continue to keep all of us curious folks out here informed!

    • What a treasure your grandmother left you!

      Great to know about UNC’s Civil War collection. My dream is to spend some time at the Jefferson Library in Charlottesville because my primary interest is the late 18th century.
      🙂 .

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