things to smile about…

“It was the best of times…” 

  • SPARC Open Access conference – new colleagues to network with!
  • Kansas City, MO – the Plaza, Brio Grille, Jack Stack, and a great view from the Intercontinental Hotel
  • new Honda CR-V with heated leather seats and hands-free bluetooth
  • kudos from a colleague at rival in-state school on our data and assessment strategies
  • talking music, marketing and crazy people with son #1
  • talking computers, cheer, and college with son #2
  • having dinner, talking Fake Patty’s Day and weddings with #1 daughter
  • revisions to the first draft of my novel are at the 60% mark
  • discussing Mark’s options for marketing and making millions with his fiction!
  • listening to Cathy’s new prose & Marie’s plans for her next novel
  • life

About Char

Mom. Writer. Librarian. Navy vet. I live in Kansas. Yes, Toto, Kansas. Welcome to my worlds...

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  1. Congratulations on Honda CR-V! My in-laws just bought one too and it looks (from photo) identical! You all have good taste, that’s what.

    • LOL! Remember when you could get in the car and turn the key, turn on the radio, auto-lock doors? Now it’s like learning all the new gadgets on a computer or cell phone! Love it, so far. It handles really well.

  2. Tell son #1, there are crazy people everywhere!

  3. Thank you for your sweet words! And 60% done! That makes me smile! Cathy

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