About Char

Call me Char.

The librarian
Charlene N. Simser is coordinator of electronic publishing at Kansas State University Libraries. She began her career as a serials cataloger there in 1996. This blog is about   life, librarianship, travel, and more.

The writer
As Charlene Newcomb, I have written a number of short stories in the Star Wars universe. I have published 3 novels: a mainstream, contemporary drama, Keeping the Family Peace, and Men of the Cross and For King and Country, Books I & II of Battle Scars my medieval historical fiction. I am currently working on Book III, Swords of the King.

The home-body
I am mom to 3 great (and now adult) kids, and very proud of the cool people they have become. I like quiet nights, candlelight, inspiring views, the awesomeness that is the stars and universe around me. I’m not really a great tourist, but I love to travel.


**The views herein are my own and in no way reflect the opinions, policies or thoughts of K-State Libraries.


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