my humble abode in York…

My friends and I loved the annual Parade of Homes back in Orlando, Florida. We’d trek across 2 or 3 counties to explore places we’d never call home in a million years (not without a few million in our bank accounts). It was fun to dream…

I remember one of those multi-million dollar mansions. The master bedroom was over 1,000 sq.ft. and separated from the master bath by a see-through fireplace. It was gorgeous. But all I could think was man, I’d hate to have to clean this place, and whoa, can you imagine the electric bills? (Yes, I realize that I would probably have maid service if I lived the lifestyle of the rich & famous.) You could get lost in a house that big. It could never be called cozy.

But ah… the dorm room. Does anyone ever think of a dorm room as intimate? Isn’t there something cozy about that small space? I’m not talking about a middle-of-the-semester experience with a thousand 20-year-olds in a 15-story high-rise. No. I’m referring to the dorm-turned-summer conference housing at St. James College, University of York:


Picture this: the University of York. A spacious room.*


It overlooked a lake and a wooded area. Calm and relaxing. Large desk/workspace. En suite. A large, fluffy towel.** And clean. Put a few Star Wars posters on the walls and I’d be right at home.


*when compared to the dorm accommodations I experienced when NASIG conferences were held on college campuses; and, the room was two times the size of my hotel room in London
**quite significant to my NASIG colleagues, eh? (No 15”x32” scratchy thing!)


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